We proudly present our first official drupal.org project, which we released about two months ago: the Outdated Browser module :-)

So what is it about?

This module integrates the Outdated Browser library in Drupal. It detects outdated browsers and advises users to upgrade to a new version - in a very pretty looking way. The library ships with various languages. Its look and feel is configurable, and the targeting browser can be configured either specifying a CSS property or an Internet Explorer version.

Yet another browser deprecation library?

You may ask, why you should need it because there are already other modules/libraries doing the same thing, like Browser update or jReject, and other solutions with the help of simple conditional comments? I would, so here's our motivation behind the project:

In the past, we've always used a "browse happy" bar on top of the page, simply embedded with conditional comments for IE lower or equal than version 8. But that's was not very pretty looking, also not multilingual. As mentioned above, there several initivatives and scripts available, like browser-update.org, which also already has a Drupal integration, but most of them are pretty ugly without customizing them.

A few months ago, we've found the Outdated Browser library on Github, where both the updated prompt on the website, as well as the platform itself have a very nice look and feel. It also ships with a broad variety of language files, which makes this script perfectly suitable for any multilingual Drupal project. So we tried it and were absolutely satisfied with it and decided to use it as our default browser deprecation warning tool. Further we decided that we want to build a Drupal module for easy integration and share it with the community.


Here are the main benefits of using Outdated Browser in comparison to other alternatives:

  • It looks pretty out of the box.
  • The look and feel can be easily customized via configuration.
  • The targeting browsers can be configured either by specifying an Internet Explorer version or a CSS property. So you are not limited to older IE versions.
  • The library ships with various language files (and they are constantly growing). Our module automatically serves the correct language, including fallbacks to default language and English.

So come on and try it out yourself! Feedback welcomed :-) In the meantime, I'll work on the Drupal 8 version already...

Last but not least, many thanks to Bürocratik for developing and sharing this great library!



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