How Drupal Commerce 2.x improved my skills

Being one of the first early adopters of Drupal Commerce 2.x by starting our first project in early 2016 (on alpha2 version) and soon after a second one, I originally planned to write a blog post soon after beta1 gets published. Unfortunately I was too busy at that time....

Drupal's great little helpers: Random utility class

Drupal's API has a huge number of very useful utitlity classes and functions, especially in Drupal 8. Although the API docs are great, it's rather impossible to always find every little feature. Today I want to show you the Random utility class, which I've nearly overseen and found rather by accident.

2016 - the dawn of Drupal

If I had to find a movie title for a Drupal review of the past year, then I'd choose "2016 - the dawn of Drupal" because it was the first full year of Drupal 8, and D8 is really a game changer!

User registration and login only with e-mail address in Drupal 8

At the beginning of the "Krampus" weekend, which became famous in the rest of the world thanks to the movie, I show you, how to realize hiding the username and only use e-mail address in user registration and login instead in Drupal 8. We had to accomplish this yesterday in a current Drupal 8 project. Having only a few hours left to delivery date and still some open issues to solve, we needed a quick solution....

Add custom menu item attributes in Drupal 8

We're currently working on a Drupal 8 project, where we need the possibility of adding class attributes to menu items. In D7, one would probably choose the menu attributes module to accomplish this. But unfortunately, there is currently no D8 port available. In this quick tutorial I'll show you, how to create your own tiny module to solve this problem.