On my search for an easy to integrate library bringing animating snowflakes to a website - ideally without the need of JS - I've found myself on the wonderful CSSnowflakes library - a lightweight pure CSS solution, only needing you to insert a few lines HTML and the CSS file to your site. Here's a demo page.

To make it even easier to use, without the need of touching Twig templates and theme CSS files, I've wrapped this up in a small Drupal module today: https://www.drupal.org/project/snowflakes

This module is plug & play and ships with two configuration settings currently: one to generally en/disable the snowflakes, and another one to hide it on admin pages.



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- Thanks for good job!
- Thanks for good job! - If could change the number of snowflakes would be quite super!
- If could change the number
- If could change the number of snowflakes would be quite super! (ENG) - Wenn es möglich wäre, die Anzahl der Schneeflocken zu ändern, wäre ganz Super!

Hi, at the moment this is not planned... however, please feel free to file any issues, feature requests, patches,... against the issue queue at drupal.org